Slava Ryndine (vdryndine1939) wrote,
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В лавке букиниста: Для интересующихся историей ЮАР

Во - всего за 100 рандов прикупил интереснейшую подшивку газеты времен англо-бурской войны... 

АWar reporter - JEH GROBLERThe War Reporter

JEH Grobler

ISBN 9781868421862
Publication date 2004
RRP R 215

This is a history book with a difference. The War Reporter takes an imaginative leap to reconstruct the world of the first South African freedom fighters of the twentieth century. Here, in newspaper format as it might have been, is the story of the 'English War' told by the Boers: by officers directing their troops on the battlefields of Magersfontein, Colenso and Spioenkop; by burghers on commando; by women and children in concentration camps all in a wealth of contemporary sources and photographs.

The book sets out to illuminate the changing perceptions of the Boer society on specific war issues in the widest sense of the word. Not only military confrontations are reported on, but also life on commando, the experiences of prisoners of war in camps scattered across the globe, the activities of prominent individuals such as President Paul Kruger and Emily Hobhouse, and the dismal fate of the women and children in the concentration camps.
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